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Marco Tirelli

Marco Tirelli

(Rome, 1956)


After obtaining the diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts with Toti Scialoja, he moves his studio in the former Cerere pasta factory, in the San Lorenzo suburb in Rome and takes part in the re-birth of the Roman pictorial school with artists such as Dessì, Nunzio, Pizzi Cannella. The 28 inlays exhibited form the “mosaic of formal and at the same time mental «objects» displayed on paper and canvas as instruments of contemplation and thought” (Gigliotti). In addition to participation at the Venice Biennale, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Paris, he has exhibited his work at the MACRO Testaccio (Rome), MAXXI (Rome), Capitoline Museums (Rome), Palazzo Fortuny (Venice), Gallery of Modern Art (Bologna), Institut Mathildenhöhe (Darmstadt), Museum am Dom (Würzburg), Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts (Hanoi), Hammer Museum of Art (Los Angeles), Musée d'Orange (Orange), Museum of Contemporary Art (Caracas), Museum of Modern Art (Wien).

Marco Tirelli, Untitled, 1983, decoupage, cm 114 x 146,5

Marco TirelliUntitled, 1983


cm 114 x 146,5