Erica Ravenna

Gilberto Zorio

Gilberto Zorio

(Andorno Micca, 1944)

Gilberto Zorio was one of the main exponents of "Arte Povera" in Italy. He takes part at the most general tendency, called "Arte Processuale": a kind of art that reveals its elements and processes, reveals itself in its making and replaces the direct presentation of the material with the traditional representation. Energy is the constant element that characterizes Zorio's artwork from the beginning, to nowadays: he realizes tools for "purifying words", stars, canoes, "irradiating machines", all moving images. The cosmic figure of the star, recurring in Zorio's work, appears for the first time in 1972. There is, however, no metaphor: the elements of the image, that Zorio takes into consideration, isn't the symbolic value, but the strength of the materials, even the most common, the possibility of combination that creates positive conflict and energetic tensions.                                                                                         

Among his most important solo and group show, we can mention: Contemplazione (Turin, 1967); Prospect '68 (Dusseldorf, 1968); Ricognizione Cinque (Salerno, 1968); Nine young artists: Theodoron Awards (New York, 1969); Arte de sistema (Buenos Aires, 1971); Documenta V (Kassel, 1972); Quadriennale (Rome, 1973 - 2005); Trigon (Graz, 1977); Rosc '88 (Dublin, 1988); Si aprono le nuvole e saranno gli eventi (Amsterdam, 1979); "Hass" und andere Arbeiten (New York, 1981); Biennale (Venice, 1978 - 1986 - 1997); Titoli Sospesi (New York, 1991); Coll. Peggy Guggenheim (Venice, 1991); Documenta IX (Kassel, 1992); Delle Stelle (Bourges, 1999); Nativealchemy (Toronto, 2000); Reverb (New York, 2001); Opere anni 60 (New York, 2004). 

Gilberto Zorio, Stella (stella che ruota), 1974
Ink drawing on five leather panels
cm 66,4 x 108 x 5 cad. / each panel