Erica Ravenna




Gino Marotta

Curated by Laura Cherubini and Erica Ravenna

Tuesday 16th October 2018 – Friday 15th February 2019

Gino Marotta (Campobasso, 1935 – Rome, 2012) is one of the leading characters of the Italian and international artistic movements of the 60s, whose vision of innovative art is strongly characterized by the use of new chemical and industrial materials. In particular the use of methacrylate (or Perspex) awakens a poetical meaning that arouses lyrical universes. His poetry is characterized by the dualism between nature and artifice, light and transparency, work and environment that leads him to recreate imaginary scenarios populated by transparent figures, drawn from the world of nature but clearly fictitious and emptied of consistency. The gallery, Erica Ravenna Arte Contemporanea, pays homage to Gino Marotta with a solo exhibition, retracing the most significant stages of his artistic career, from his early “bandoni” of iron and his canvases to the methacrylate sculptures, an expression of his investigation into modernity.