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Giuseppe Uncini

Giuseppe Uncini

(Fabriano, 1929 - Trevi, 2008)


Giuseppe Uncini moves to Rome in the early Fifties encouraged by the sculptor Edgardo Mannucci. In 1955 partecipates at the VII Rome Quadriennale and in the same years exhibits together with artists such as Angeli, Festa, Lo Savio, Schifano. In 1957-1958 develops the Terre series, works made with reinforced concrete, carbon and several kinds of earth. In 1962 with Biggi, Carrino, Frascà, Pace e Santoro he founds the Gruppo 1. Surpassing the Informal through works with a social function is the group's main aim. After the Gruppo 1 disbandment in 1967, Uncini investigates the structural aspects of a work of art, its possible interactions with space and the use of geometrical components. During the following years Uncini's attention is driven by the theme of shadow and how to make nothingness consistent. He starts to duplicate objects with a profile in iron. In 1996 he exhibits at the Venice Biennale.


Giuseppe Uncini, Dimore, 1980, Mixed media on paper, cm 55 x 76

Giuseppe UnciniDimore, 1980

Mixed media on paper

cm 55 x 76