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Joseph Kosuth

Joseph Kosuth

(Toledo, Ohio, 1945) 

One of the most emblematic artist of Conceptual Art, he started language-based works and appropriation strategies in the 1960s. He studied a series of “investigations” compromising propositions on/about/of art with the subtitle “Art as Idea as Idea”, including definitions from a dictionary or categories from the Thesaurus presented in the form of photostats or published in space purchased in newspapers. His inquiry into the relation of language to art has taken the form of installation, solo exhibitions and public commissions all over the world. He participated at Kassel Documenta several times (1972, 1978, 1982, 1992) and at Venice Biennal (1976, 1993, 1999). He currently lives and works between New York and Rome.

Kosuth Joseph_Frammenti di Rossini, (E creder posso?) 1999.jpg

Joseph Kosuth, Frammenti di Rossini #13 (E creder posso), 1999
Neon light
cm 41 x 95