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Mario Ceroli

Mario Ceroli

(Castel Frentano, 1938)

Formed at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, under the guidance of Leonardo Leoncillo, Pericle Fazzini and his master Ettore Colla, Mario Ceroli initially directs his interest on ceramic works. In 1957 he experiences the use of wood (mainly tree logs pierced by nails) with which he wins the Young Italian Sculpture award one year later. At the end of the 50s the artists chooses wood as main material to work with. The shapes embossed in the wood by the artist include letters, numbers, geometries and objects, which can be traced back to a personal reinterpretation of the great classics of art history. The first shapes of human figures projected and cut into wood, obsessively repeated and serialized, date back to 1965 which will remain the most typical theme of its production. He lives and works in Rome.

Among his most important solo and group exhibitions we can mention:  Mario Ceroli, Galleria del Naviglio (Milan, 1966); Mario Ceroli, Gallerie Bonino (New York, 1967); Venice Biennial (Venice, 1966–1968-1976-1982-1984-1988-1993-1995); Vitalità del negativo nell'arte italiana 1960/1970, Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome, 1970); The Artist and the book in twentieth-century Italy, Museum of Modern Art (New York, 1992-1993); Italics. Arte italiana fra tradizione e rivoluzione 1968-2008, Palazzo Grassi (Venice, 2009) and Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago (Chicago, 2009-2010).

Mario Ceroli, Senza Titolo (parte dell’installazione Aria di Daria), 1968
Shaped wood
cm 176,5 x 41 x 21 ca