Erica Ravenna

Paolo Cotani

Paolo Cotani

(Rome, 1940 - 2011)

Paolo Cotani was born in Rome in 1940. From 1964 to 1970 he lived in London, where he held courses on “Techniques and materials of the historical avant-gardes: at the Chelsea College of Arts. He worked for several theatrical sets where he absorbed highly important cultural influences for the definition of certain aspects of his research that is in tune with what occurred in England in those years. Giorgio De Marchis defined him the most British of our neo-abstract Roman painters. Nevertheless in the early 70s Cotani ad heres to that research area that was concerned with the analysis of the syntactical tools of the language known by the name of Zero Degree of Painting. In his art of poetry declarations the artist proves his capacities and shows a relevant self-reflexive and methalinguistic attitude, the result of a decidedly conceptual approach to art. In Cotani the idea is never to far from the action. According to the model of the Greek teknè: action and knowledge together, action and thought; the action of painting – and with painting – as the means of knowledge.

Among his most important solo and group show, we can mention: Galleria Ferro di Cavallo (Rome, 1968); Biennale (Paris,1975); Analytische Malerei (Genova, Milano e Düsseldorf, 1975); Documenta 6 (Kassel, 1977); 16 Italian Artists (Rotterdam, 1977); Metafora (Venezia, 1981); L'identité italienne. L'art en Italie de plus 1959, Centre Pompidou, Musée National d'Art Moderne (Paris, 1981); L’Italie aujourd’hui / Italia oggi (Nizza, 1985); Quadriennale (Rome, 1986);  La costanza della visione (Verona, 1991); L’immagine negata (Spain, 2004); Consonanze. Paolo Cotani e un'opera di Giulio Turcato, Fondazione Zappettini (Milan, 2005); Pittura ’70 – Then and Now (London, 2006); Tensioni 1971 - 2007, Erica Ravenna Fiorentini Arte Contemporanea (Rome, 2007); Pittura Analitica. I percorsi italiani 1970-1980 (Milan, 2008); L'aragosta è un mostro delicato, LAC Lagorio Arte Contemporanea (Brescia, 2009); The Russian Tea Room, Galleria Delloro (Rome, 2009); La pittura, Erica Ravenna Arte Contemporanea (Rome, 2015). 

Paolo Cotani, Bende elastiche, 1976
Elastic bandages and color on canvas
cm 100 x 100