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Tomaso Binga

Tomaso Binga

(Salerno, 1931)

Tomaso Binga, the art name of Bianca Pucciarelli Menna, was born in Salerno in 1931 and lives and works in Rome. The male pseudonym that she has been using since 1970s, right at the beginning of her artistic activity. It is precisely in 1971 that Tomaso Binga began her artistic and poetic experimentation focused on verb-visual writing, a research that was born in Italy between the '50s and' 60s. Bianca uses her pseudonym as an ironic and controversial act regarding gender classification, a slap to the privileges of the male present in everyday life aspects, familiar, professional, and of course also within the art environment. In the first phase of her career she worked with the asemantic writing. In 1974 she becomes the director of the cultural association "Lavatoio contumaciale" in Rome, where she promotes numerous poetry, visual arts an new media initiatives. In 1974 she starts with her performative actions. In 1976 she will complete a series of works that will remain a cornerstone of her artistic research, her "Scrittura Vivente", letters of the alphabet formed by the a feminine body in different positions and especially her famous wallpapers. 

In 1992 she becomes vice-president of the Fondazione Filiberto Menna, continuing to participate at important exhibitions and cultural initiatives, including: Poesia Totale, Palazzo della Ragione, Mantova (1998); VII International Congress of Art Media, University of Salerno (1999); Bunker poetico, Venice Biennial (2001); Autoritratto di un matrimonio, Museo Laboratorio University La Sapienza Rome (2005); Fondazione J. Klemm, personal exhbiition curated by Carlo Espartaco a Buenos Aires (2006); Viaggio nella parola curated by Bruno Corà, La Spezia (2007); Art Action, VI International Festival curated by Nicola Frangione, Mantova, (2008); Per-formare una collezione curated by Alessandro Rabottini, Eugenio Viola, at the Museo Madre, Napoli (2013); Anni ‘70/Arte a Roma, Palazzo delle Esposizioni (2013). Among her most recent contributions, we must not forget: Corpo a Corpo by Paola Ugolini at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome (2017); Televisionario. Francesco Vezzoli guarda la RAI, at the Prada Foundation (2017).

Tomaso Binga, Frammento di lettera con scritture/ 1 M, 1976
Photo collage and writings on black paper
cm 50 x 70